Atomic Twitter Thread Hub

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If you're: 

❌ Wasting time writing threads only to receive 5 likes...

❌ Lost on how to start writing on Twitter effectively...

❌ Spending too much time researching and drafting... 

And you want to:

🔥 Quickly publish and ship your threads in minutes...

🔥 Have a template to guide you every time you sit down to write...

🔥 Track and see what threads you should double down on...

Then this is for you. 


writing threads is HARD.

I know because I've spent WEEKS slaving over a thread only for it to flop on launch day. 

"I wish someone would make this easier."

"I wish it didn't take so long."

I searched every guide, every template...

but not one single person on Twitter had the solution to my problem. 

So I made my own Atomic Twitter Thread Hub. 

A place to:

  • Workshop + build killer threads
  • Track + measure thread progress
  • Review + improve thread copy

What's in here:

✔️  All-in-one thread template

✔️ Master tracker and 🧵 organizer

✔️ Examples to spark ideas.

✔️ Complete breakdown of threads

✔️ Tutorial video explaining everything

This Notion template is fully customizable and ready to go. 

Grab it now! 

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Full Notion database and templates for organizing, creating, analyzing, and publishing Twitter threads.

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Atomic Twitter Thread Hub

3 ratings
I want this!